Airsoft Sponsorship

Sure, we’re sell real gun parts and 80% build kits that can be modified by the purchaser into a working firearm, but Gunslinger Club wants to sponsor your airsoft team. We know you guys work hard at it, so why not reward you.

What you will get by being sponsored:

  • Gunslinger Patches
  • Team Exclusive Gear
  • Exclusive Deal Discounts on Gear
  • Promotion from our 237K Social Media Followers

Truth be told, I began my Marine Corps infantry career by playing airsoft and paintball as a youth, I wasn’t great at it, but it was my way of moving towards my goal of becoming a Marine, which I eventually accomplished from 2001-2005 with FAST Co. and 2nd Battalion, 6th Marines (2MARDIV). I believe it is a way to move up the ranks and move towards your goal, much as I did. But I also believe that airsoft is a tool to teach younger people proper safety and weapons handling with less serious consequences if an error occurs. So we at Gunslinger Club want to help you. Fill out the form below and tell us why you would be perfect for sponsorship by Gunslinger Club.

  • Your team does not need to be a youth-only team, adult teams are available for sponsorship as well. Multiple teams may be awarded depending on merit.